Construction Defect Litigation

The term “construction defect” includes a wide variety of issues resulting from the improper design or construction of a home. When a home suffers construction defects, either the materials used or the work provided was inadequate. Construction defect litigation is the process whereby homeowners seek reimbursement for the resulting damages caused.

The detection of construction defects is the first step in these cases. There are several common symptoms of construction defects: cracks in the interior or exterior walls, cracked foundation, leaks or water stains, moisture buildup within window glass, cracked/bowed window frames, pest infestation, or the presence of mold, mildew or other microbial substances.

These symptoms are generally indicative of a larger, more serious problem. Some defects are clearly visible while others are not. The bottom line is that defects are not only expensive to detect and repair but can also result in decreased property value and physical harm if not repaired promptly. There is a limited amount of time to bring construction defect claims. If you are experiencing problems in your home that you suspect may be caused by defective products or components, inadequate workmanship, improper structural design, the use of sub-standard materials, and/or soil problems, you should contact our office immediately.

For more than thirty years, Silldorf & Levine, LLP has been involved in the prosecution of construction defect claims on behalf of homeowners associations throughout Southern California. We have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for homeowners. In fact, the partners of our firm assisted in drafting and negotiating the current construction defect statutes in California.

Each case has a team which manages all aspects of the litigation process. We represent homeowners associations in major construction defect litigation against respective builders/developers. The firm utilizes and coordinates necessary professionals, including architects, engineers, environmental experts and repair contractors. If you believe that you have a potential construction defect in your home, please contact our office for a free consultation and inspection.

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